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Despite the fact that the above photo is pretty much perfect, I don't really like The Who.
It's kind of just average British classic rock for me.
I just never found anything really unique or outstanding about them.
My dad loves them, so maybe that has something to do with it.
With that said, every dog has its day, and every celebrated rock band has at least one song that you tolerate, if nothing else.
"Going Mobile" fits that role for me and The Who, except I do way more than tolerate it; I really, really like it.
As for the rest of their stuff? Thanks, but no thanks, mostly.

Just keep this one on repeat.

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I never would have guessed @jeff4122 they totally grew on me. I have a friend who confessed he didn't like David Bowie when I told him. I wonder if we're all secretly harboring this total confusion about really popular bands?
Hahahaha interesting theory. Queen, The Who and Bowie all sort of fit a similar role, though, no?
I suppose so @jeff4122 I haven't really thought of it that way because they all sound so different to me but they're definitely in the 'classic British rock' niche. For me I think in part I was missing the cultural relevance. For a long time I associated Queen with 'We Will Rock You', which is played a lot now as this huge macho anthem. And Freddie Mercury was... probably not the first macho icon people think of. I noticed once I understood the context of the music a little better I revisited it with a new perspective.
I actually really, really like Freddie Mercury. Like I said, not a huge Queen guy but I think he as a person and a multi-talented musician is a fascinating story.
Oh I totally agree with you there @jeff4122 he was absolutely brilliant!