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When I went away for college, I began to realize all the cute things that my abuelita does. Maybe it was the distance, or because I grew up, but I really started to really appreciate and internally giggle at some of things my abuelita would do.

Here are some of the things that my abuelita does.

I Went Back To College With Canned Corn

A lot of canned corn. After hearing that I was struggling to feed myself, my abuelita began to pack canned food for me. I'd come back to campus with several bags of canned food. It was corn and bean galore. Guess what I was eating near the end of the semester?
Not ramen.

The Secret Middle Finger

So maybe she isn't as direct as the grandma in the photo. She does this thing -- where she scratches her nose with her middle finger. On purpose. Yeah, she's saying something. And it's not, "I love you, my favorite grandchild."

"I Haven't Eaten All Day"

It's literally like the worse thing you can tell her. She almost cries. It's unacceptable for her grand babies to ever be hungry. But she know exactly what to cook you -- your favorite foods so you can roll back to college. Yeah, roll.

She's Was A Very Classy Lady

She would tell me about the stories she used to "hang out" when she was younger. One of which she'll tell me when she used to walk around the park.
Me: You didn't get drunk at the park?
Grandma: No, we just walked around the park.
Me: Any boys?
Grandma: Oh, yeah. Lovely boys. Very respectable boys.
Me: ...did the boys?
Grandma: Not really. Not with the boys. We just walked around the park.

Where were the booze, drugs, and rock & roll!?

What are some of the cutest, funniest things your grandma does?

Omg I LOVE THIS!!!! Lol
My grandmother was from Mexico, and whenever she was frustrated or had some sort of pain that was bothering her, she'd always go "Ay yi yi.."