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We can all agree that Barney Stinson makes "How I met Your Mother" Legend WAIT FOR IT dary. But there is just so much more then meets the eye about your handsome, womanizing, secret softie. Pretty much everything about him is awesome, which is why I'm cutting it down to 9 reasons why Barney needs to be your spirit animal.
He never worries if he's over or under dressed. He likes to look good and makes sure he does at all times. "Suiting Up" makes sure you look and feel your best, which is how we all should be.
He makes sure that everything he does is legendary. Why live a life of normal days and average nights out when every action you do can make you a legend.
Barney never backs down from anything. He is ready to push himself to the limits and becomes very creative while trying too achieve his goal. It's a great personality trait to constantly challenge yourself, even if its trying to land a girl while dressed as a grandpa.
Similar to always challenging himself, Barney accepts when he is defeated gracefully. He won't shy away from a bet, especially a slap bet. There is nothing worse then someone bitching out of a bet. Barney would never do that.
He knows he's hot. We should all have the same confidence and embrace who we are and how we look.
He doesn't give a crap about what anyone (besides his besties) think of him. So what if he looks thirsty, he doesn't care. He is all about his own happiness.
He never tries to be something he isn't. He jokes around, avoids actually doing work and plays hundreds of girls, but he never lies about who he is to the people who matter. And thats what is most important.
He may be a little scared of love but who isn't! He still mans up and admits his feeling in the most beautiful way possible.
He prioritizes and knows what is really important, like family and friends.
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The official alternate ending should have been the main one. No stupid twist. Offtopic.. How wonderful was Marshall n Lily's relationship! So many lessons learnt from them..
@VarunNambiar I LOVEEEEEE THEM!! they really are best friends which is why they work so well together. I hated when she left for art school and was soooooo glad when she came back
Omg I love that show I'm so sad it had to end :"(
@PurpleChick i know right! they had so many running jokes !
really a great guider to be a real man