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“It’s hard to say when I decided they’re what I want to wear all the time, but I’ll make up my mind, and that’s all you’ll see me wear for two years.” - Swift referring to crop tops.

It's been weeks since Taylor Swift has appeared without her famous crop top look. Swift admitted that she has tons of them and that it's just her style. But when Swift isn't wearing one, you know something is wrong. The picture above is her latest non-crop top look and she looks stunning per usual but it's somewhat odd.
Most of you are probably wondering why this is news...
Well it's Taylor Swift so no matter what she does, it's news to us. Obviously. She's doing very well. Still going strong with her 1989 tour, dating Calvin Harris, having many girls nights, and partying it up at desirable destinations around the world. But she's not wearing a crop today so it's the end of the world...jk.

Okay so she's been pictured in crop tops on more than one occasion but CROP TOPS ARE TAYLOR SWIFT'S THING, okay?

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These outfits are really cute!