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"Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way [heart faced emojis] no disrespect I know she's married! #bigcrush"

Congratulations Justin Bieber, you have officially made the weirdest tweet of the day. Bieber is notorious for trying to get attention from A-list celebrities on his social media. He constantly hits on famous women hiding behind the excuse that he's a flirt and young. He loves attention especially after he posted a picture of his nude butt on a boat last week creating a media storm. Bieber will do whatever he feels like to get his name in the news.

Well I have to admit, Kelly Ripa does look amazing...

But really Bieber? She has a husband and I think it's a tad unprofessional to post a scandalous picture of someone else when they are taken. What, does he think that she's going to have an affair with him? It could be a little awkward if Bieber lands on Live with Kelly and Michael. I'm awaiting a response from Ripa...
Kelly's husband is a baaaabe. I'd take him over Biebs any day.
He's so gross to me. Even if I am the only girl to say so, he grosses me out. But I do love Kelly. Her and Michael are the best in the morning.
I'm sure it was just a joke ...he already said he knew she was's just a crush....people take things way to seriously these days. What's so scandalous about of a pic of her in a bra and underwear?
it's Justin Bieber, professionalism is not part of his vernacular.
Is Bieber still making music? Is he still relevant?