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Without is like the seasons with no summer, and rock n’ roll without a drummer. And who would want that? As a studly dude with great hair and sweet moves, I got some pretty great advice for you to get the partner of your dreams. Because it takes two baby.

1. Perfect your dance moves, everyone loves a guy that can dance.

The quickest way to a person’s heart is through their hips. Or at least that’s how the saying SHOULD go. So step it up and put on your dancing shoes, and I guarantee you’ll get the person of your dreams. My hips don’t lie.

2. Looks are everything...well, sorta.

Your hair has to be on point, so make sure to add enough hairspray to keep it in place. Your outfit is perfectly selected to your style. And yes, you must make sure you are pretty. But when it comes to your person, you could care less what she looks like or wear. You care about her personality and her dance moves!

3. Stand up for your partner

So the teacher calls your girl out in front of the class?! That does not fly. You stand up for her! So you get sent to detention and all you old friends hate still have your lady.

4. Perfecting the perfect wink

I mean, I practiced a lot in the mirror, so you probably will need practice, but could be as good as this!

5. Never be afraid to love

Your friends don’t think she’s good enough for you. But you know real true love when you see it, and you need to follow that desire! Because who needs to listen to those people when you have your person by your side?
Tell me, you're my girl and I'm your boy That you're my pride and I'm your joy I'm the sand and you're the tide I'll be the groom if you'll be my bride It takes two, baby, it takes two It takes two, baby, it takes two
yes please
YESSS man now I need to go rewatch this....just watched some other zac flicks so why not...
Awwww I love this!!! Such a great idea to write a card from a character's perspective :D
Thank you @allischaaff! Although a lot of it is funny, I think there is something valuable that we can learn from our favorite characters
This is adorable. So true!
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