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An eccentric Chinese man by the name of Wang Lei (seen above) recently created an Internet buzz after he went under the knife to look like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
Earlier this week, he was filmed in his hometown of Nanjing wearing Kim's trademark grey suit. He was joined by his date, actress Liu Zixuan, a fellow plastic surgery lover who he met through his surgeon when she went for a post breast augmentation check-up.
(Insert the chorus to Rihanna's "We Found Love" here.)
But anyway.

Look at this this crazy side-by-side comparison between Wang Lei (left) and the actual Great Leader himself (right)!

That's some cosplay dediction!
Getting plastic surgery to look like a controversial world leader might not be my taste, but follow your dreams, guy. (Just, you know, be careful not to get accidentally assassinated out there. The world's a scary place.)
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@stargaze Idk people are strange.. I'm a little bummed that I can't find any English translated interviews with him because I'm really curious as to the kind of person he is.
@danidee @stargaze Seriously!! Why would someone want to do this??? What a crazy obsession! My favorite part is the haircut... I'm just imagining him going into a hair salon with a picture of Kim Jong Un and saying, "I'd like this, please!" XD
@allischaaff I wonder if he does it himself! I read that Kim Jong Un actually cuts his own hair because he had some sort of traumatic haircutting experience as a child that made him never want to do it again.
@drwhat That's what I'D like to know. I wonder if he's a supporter or just someone who is outrageously committed to parody.