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Okay, admittedly, I don't know the first thing about K-Pop. That being said, though, I'm fairly confident I've fallen in love/crush with Park Bom of 2NE1. I've had "I Am the Best" running through my head for a week, and I keep watching the video.
She's so goddamn adorable! which is a weird adjective to use on a woman older than myself, but still, apt. I also just listened to her solo "You and I" and it sounds so beautiful.
I think I'm gonna have to go a little further down the rabbit-hole that is K-Pop.
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asdfghjjk... I dont blame you. she was my first and is still my kpop crush *____* she is so perfect and crazy.. like, you cant even imagine lol besides her solos, you can also listen to her collabs like "Oh yeah" by GD&Top, " I cheated" by Park Myungsoo, "We belong together" by Bigbang.... and my favorite (even though it doesnt have a studio version) is "When I cant sing" by Seven.
OMG Bommie is such a freakin sweetheart! Love her to bits^^
@mattk95 I'm definitely gonna check that out! and I will totes hit you up, to gain more insight and stuff. @EdwinBermudez thanks for the info! I'm gonna check out those collabs today.
@VinMcCarthy awesome :)
@VinMcCarthy I don't know your feelings on corn, but for a long time she was pretty much known for the fact that she loves corn. A lot. The corn related Bom memes are pretty much endless.