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Okay, admittedly, I don't know the first thing about K-Pop. That being said, though, I'm fairly confident I've fallen in love/crush with Park Bom of 2NE1. I've had "I Am the Best" running through my head for a week, and I keep watching the video.
She's so goddamn adorable! which is a weird adjective to use on a woman older than myself, but still, apt. I also just listened to her solo "You and I" and it sounds so beautiful.
I think I'm gonna have to go a little further down the rabbit-hole that is K-Pop.
OMG Bommie is such a freakin sweetheart! Love her to bits^^
asdfghjjk... I dont blame you. she was my first and is still my kpop crush *____* she is so perfect and crazy.. like, you cant even imagine lol besides her solos, you can also listen to her collabs like "Oh yeah" by GD&Top, " I cheated" by Park Myungsoo, "We belong together" by Bigbang.... and my favorite (even though it doesnt have a studio version) is "When I cant sing" by Seven.
@VinMcCarthy these things do happen, Park Bom is amazing, her voice is so unique, which I like because a lot of singers start to sound the same these days... Anyway if you liked "You and I" check out the MV for "Don't Cry" it's the second part of the story from "You and I" and if you ever want to talk or have any questions whatsoever just PM me :)
wooh!! yes welcome to the dark side!! ^_^
@VinMcCarthy I don't know your feelings on corn, but for a long time she was pretty much known for the fact that she loves corn. A lot. The corn related Bom memes are pretty much endless.
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