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The Internet is obsessed with two things these days, The Kardashians and Cats. So here's a list of the most famous cats on the internet! Let me know which cat is your favorite...I'm sure you will get a good chuckle out of this list.

1. Monty, Cat With No Nasal Bridge.

2. Cole and Marmalade, Two Rescued YouTube Celebs.

3. Honey Bee, Blind Hiking Cat.

4. Venus, Two Faced Kitten.

5. Lil Bub, The Dog Cat.

6. Maru, Master of Boxes.

7. Sam The Cat Has Eyebrows.

8. Gargarfi, World's Angriest Cat.

9. Shironeko, Happiest/Sleepiest Cat In The World.

10. Snoopy, Cutest Cat Ever.

11. Lazarus, The Vampire Cat.

12. Hamilton, The Hipster Cat...I mustache you a question...?

13. Fukumaru, Two Colored Eye Cat.

14. Banye, OMG CAT.

15. Colonel Meow, Holder of Guinness World Record of Longest Cat Hair.

16. Nala, The Shocked Cat.

17. Snowball, Cat That Looks Like Hitler.

18. Luhu, World's Saddest Cat.

19. Yoda, The Midget Cat.

Who's your favorite?
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Maru!!!!!!!! many of the others I've never seen or heard of. Colonel Meow is amazing!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Whoa. Gargarfi looks angry as hell.
2 years ago·Reply
all are so cute, you cannot choose one all so Adorable
2 years ago·Reply
yoda is definitely my favorite
2 years ago·Reply
Maru is life<3
2 years ago·Reply