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Happy National French Fry Day!
In celebration of the deep fried and gently salted junk food, here is a fabulous diy I found online for how to throw a French fry party! Of course, there's no need to wait for this once-a-year holiday to throw a party, just make sure it's all about the fries!
To set this up and make it super cute and fun, put down a table cloth or linen that has red in it, like what you see in the photo. Red induces salivation and promotes eating. Although, French fries on their own don't really need any help getting eaten.
Next, go to your craft or baking store to pick up some wax or paper bags for french fries. You can also put them in paper boats that you can find at the same places.
Dipping sauces...
You can do this a couple different ways, but the main thing is to have VARIETY of sauces. Ketchup is a must, but don't stop there. You can come up with your own aioli recipes or do what others do, and use Thousand Island Dressing. Either have them in large serving bowls or portable ramekins that people can keep for themselves.
Make it fun by printing up some cards and stickers so people get in the mood and really enjoy the food that much more. By labeling everything, you make it purposeful and not seem so blah. Remember, this is a party, so decorate it well.
Lastly, head to your local party supply store and see what fun elements they have that are generic enough but cute so it doesn't look like a birthday party or a New Year's Eve party. Have fun with it!!!
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how did I not know that today was National French Fry Day?!?!?! I didn't even have french fries!!!!