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Jul 14, 2015 According to Korean media, BIGBANG has accomplished something never done before by any other K-pop boy groups with their latest album series, MADE. Although BIGBANG’s MADE series is yet to be fully released, Korean sources report that they have accomplished something never done before by any K-pop artist. As of July 14th 8:00 AM KST, BIGBANG’s MADE album music videos have a total of over 200 million views. On YouTube, BIGBANG’s recent music videos (starting May) have a total of over 137 million views. And since YouTube is not permitted in China, video sharing websites such as Youku and QQ Music have a total of over 70 million views. Not only are their total views impressive, BIGBANG has also swept music programs such as M!Countdown, Music Core and Inkigayo. With more albums on the way, it’ll be interesting to see if MADE album’s music videos will reach 1 billion total views in various video-sharing websites. CONGRATULATIONS BIGBANG YOU DESERVES, THEY ALWAYS WORK SO SO HARDD..
OMG slayyyy
they will always be kings!!! ♡♡♡