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This is really hard to find in Slovenia, so I actually tried this for the first time today. I can say that I like ginger in general (not too much of it tho) but this was a bit too strong form me (gingerwise). But I was really thirsty so it was just fine. haha :) Do you like ginger beer, or ginger in general?
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@shannonl5 Recipe for what? The tea? Cause I can't make the soda lol
@TerrecaRiley yeah the tea lol. I'll brainstorm ways to convert it to soda
@shannonl5 there's no recepe really. I just crush or grate it and boil it to my desired flavour. I like to bill it until the water is dark. I like my ginger tea strong
Cool @TerrecaRiley I'll have to experiment ^_^
Smirnoff mule is my fave (: