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You have probably figured it out that cocktailing is one of my things. So I was saving my money for last few months, so now I have the basics bottles to make tones of different cocktails. I will go trough the list from most needed alcoholic drinks to the ones less. This list is based on my experience and my opinion about what is needed and what not, so no hard feelings. Not everyone has the same taste. But you are more than welcome to comment and shere your own list. The 5 basics: Try not to skip or let out those, because this is the first and most important ingrediant (alcoholic) that differs cocktails. Tho, I almost never use whisky. So: - Vodka - Gin - Light Rum - Tequila - Whisky Most common liquors: - Tripple Sec - Cointreau - Blue Curacao - Kahlua - Bailey's - Midori - Malibu - Peach Scnapps - Amaretto Don't mistaken tripple sec with cointreau. The quick explenation: you can always use cointreau (it's not as cheap as tripple sec, it's much stronger, it's better tasting, it's a brand, etc.) but you can not use triple sec when cointreau is listed. Less common liquors that I like and use: - Creme de Cassis - Vanilla liquor - Mandarin liquor - Strawberry liquor - Cherry liquor - Dark rum (not liquor) Don't get me wrong, I never have all those drinks at my disposal (well, right now I have most of them). You finish one liquor, buy another. No need to own everything all together. You will never make so many different cocktails at home anyways haha :) So this is my kind of a cocktail list (alcoholwise), hope this can help anyone, and please share your thoughts, opinions, etc. Ask me anything you like as well.
@allischaaff. My dreams. I would so like to come over there, but it is quite expensive. One day. Tho, my sister worked in NYC for a year :)
What!!!! @marshalledgar First of all, you are a champion. I'm v impressed that you had the energy to jump right in and call up those places. Now that's a go-getter attitude!! :D I will see what I can find and definitely let you know... next time you're in town, we can work something out lol. @rodiziketan, want to fly over from Slovenia? :D lol
UGH! So I called three places in LA. One didn't answer. The other two said that they didn't offer crash courses in bartending. The second place I called seemed incredulous and said there was no such thing. The last place said it takes 2 weeks. All I wanted was a fun day-long excursion in mixology. I would have checked NY for you @Allischaaff but i was burnt out from what I was dealing with here. Hope you have better luck than me
I'm sure there's tons of classes in NY. hopefully there are tons here too, in LA.
@rodiziketan I'll definitely try it! What does it taste like? Is it similar to Montenegro, with the taste of bitter orange and herbs? @marshalledgar That's such an awesome idea! I wonder how much that would cost. There's gotta be something like that here in NYC. They have everything here... I think for now, my plan is to pick one cocktail, buy the ingredients, and get really good at making it. Then, add another to my repertoire. Then another, then another... but slowly, because I'm not a huge drinker, and bottles are expensive! XD
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