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‎[PHOTO] YoonA || [From. YOONA] 2013년~!! Everyone~ How have you been? Did you end 2012 well?ㅋ Thanks to you, I ended my day well^^ It's finally 2013~ Did you eat rice cake soup?ㅋ Personally, I was waiting for the new year to hurry and come hoping for more good things to happen. I'm happy starting [the year] at the same time as our album [release]ㅎ Though it really seems like it would split into either like or dislike, it's a new side of us, so I think we will have to work harder~ It's really a mental breakdown… ㅎㅎ (referring to lyrics to her part in IGAB) Happy new year~ And also always take care of your health, and be careful of the icy roads~ SONE. Let's start running starting tomorrow!! Hwaitingㅋㅋ