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Chiara Ferragni, the Italian blogger behind The Blonde Salad has become so widely popular that she now models, designs, and is a spokesperson for Guess. To say her designer-laden style is enviable is an understatement, but I'm going to try and make her look somewhat attainable so we can all try to be as cool as Chiara.
Matchy suits
Maybe it's her appreciation of Italian craftsmanship, but for whatever reason, Ferragni rocks suits in place of girly dresses on many an occasion. She finds ways to make the looks feminine, sexy, or an odd but appealing combination of the two. Matchy fabrics and prints bring the look together and coordinate nicely with her attention to detail of accessories.
Bold graphics and silly prints.
Ferragni can pull off anything it seems, even a head-to-toe Spongebob print look. It probably has something to do with the fact that she looks like a perfect model at all times, but I admire her gusto going for pop-out prints and kitschy designs.
Overalls of every kind.
No stranger to trends and fads, Ferragni loves overalls of every kind, wearing denim, prints, silk, and overalls long and short, skirts and shorts. To make the look sexier, she layers cropped tops and sports bras under, which she has been known to do with suits as well, looking anything but dowdy. To make the look more luxe, Ferragni layers silk blouses under the casual trend.
Felt wide brim hat
Ferragni often finishes off her look with this black felt hat, to offset her blonde (or should I say bronde?) locks, which often cascade straight down over her shoulders. She wears the hat in rain, shine, and snow, protecting her hair in the most stylish way possible.
Since I can't quite have her life, I guess I'll settle for getting her look.
Can I be her? Can I have her life/clothes? She's too perfect
I am in love with these outfits!!!!
@skee292 I wish... everything about her is unattainable haha