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Ever have that problem where you don't know if an egg is hard boiled... or raw? They often look and feel the same! And if you're wrong... well, that's quite the mess to clean up.
Here's a tip that can help: to differentiate hard boiled eggs from raw ones, draw little faces on the hard boiled ones after they've cooled! It's easy, practical, and adds a whole lot of cuteness to the fridge. :)
For more awesome Kitchen Hacks, check out my collection, The Clever Chef! Are you going to try out this fun little idea? :D
That IS a really good idea. And sounds like something I would do lol.
Great idea. But I wonder if keeping them in the shell like that will make it more difficult to peel later. I prefer to boil, blanch and peel the eggs at once (as long as I know they'll be eaten in a span of a week.)
True @marshalledgar – that's a great idea! Save yourself the trouble later :)