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This is PRECISELY what happens when you spend the late afternoon running errands and you find yourself imbibing with people you don't know from a movie production office in Mid-Wilshire--who happen to be part of a classic 80s movie remake/update. I was sworn to ABSOLUTE SECRECY (obviously).
Think Chester Copperpot. What if this wasn't just a random happening? What if it was more of a coincidence? What are the chances that I'd be in a film office drinking with people who are partly responsible for bringing one of my favorite 80s movies to life all over again?!?!
Oh, the drink, you ask? It's just your average rum and coke on a NOT SO AVERAGE TUESDAY AFTERNOON!
Anyone can make this. It's 1 part rum, 5 parts coke. Of course, you can tweak it and do all sorts of mixology with this to make it all your own. Make sure it's COLD!