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His deep smooth voice and these sexy abs will cause you to swoon and melt. Fly to the sky's Hwanhee is for women of all ages. He debuted in 99' and has done it all from acting, modeling, and song writing. His new venture a couple years ago was helping and cultivating his own group, MYNAME, before he enlisted in the army. He was recently in Japan with fellow bandmate Brian Joo giving love to their fans. Hwanhee is known for being the King of R&B, his athleticism, and of course handsome looks. With him, age is truly just a number! ;)
We all love Calvin Klein now!
Just a taste...a litte ;)
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@k8wnba20 You get a gold star for pointing him out to me hahahhaha
@kpopandkimchi Yeah!! ☆...☆☆☆☆:)
How old is he?
@robertakm64 His birthday is January 17, 1982. Geez I hate math, I think that makes him 33ish. I'd have to Google it. lol
dem abs yummmm...