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I feel like K-pop has brought out the good in me and if it wasn't for it I'd be one of those girls in the news that committed suicide. It has been one of the very few things that has saved me and made me feel good about myself as well as helped with my antisocial self. If I were to have the opportunity I would tell each and every group thank you for existing and for caring about us and it's because of you that I'm still here.
Every time a phrase or word is similar I start singing the whole song... Ex: my sister says stop that, I start singing stop girl from ukiss
I started dancing more, studying Korean more, and honestly I'm just in a better mood hahahah
I feel like a life without my favorite kpop bands would be soooooo boring. Like 98%. Of the music and my entertainment in general is kpop related. Not only that but it's pretty much who I am. I feel like I've actually gained some good values and even can be myself with out feeling like the black sheep, especially with such an amazing kpop community behind me :)
same here @jaywoveu but for music in general