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Kpop problems
What have you done to meee?!
Okay i havent done any math in three weeks and that addition took me few seconds. now im ashamed of my self
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Me: "wat u don't know the answer so u have to ask us?? is it to add up ur payments?? bills?? I mean there is always a caculator, ik u can't use one at times but still y ask us?? don't u always say 'work it out on the paper??' " *slides a piece of paper over toward the teacher* "here I was nice to provide u with the paper. I'm sure u can solve it now. un-lesss u need a pencil also?? if that's the case give me somthing important so that u don't forget to give me back my pencil" *smiles*
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@shjej5835 I haven't done any math in 3 years, so I totally understand, lol! @veselovskayavic WORD!
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