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I miss them so much B.A.P mean a lot to me they took over my heart and i got into them alot! I really hope bap is able to comeback with a new company, they are such a talented group they deserve the best #hwaiting #baby #younguk #himchan #daehyun #zelo #jongup #youngjae
I remember being so shocked when I heard this song because its sooooo not BAP's style! I miss how random and awesome they were :(
me too , the hardcore bap is what made me love them my 2nd ultimate bias is baps jongup i love him alot nd all of bap in general are just plane AMAZING ! it really hurst that they are gone for the time being :(
@gijan0298 I hope that at the end of this it will all work out. They'll be able to make the music they want to make and be really happy