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"Long distance relationships don't work!"
We've all heard this a billion times...but we also all have a friend who is totally making it work (or at least trying to!) I think LDR are hard. But so are all relationships! In some ways, I think being in a LDR at least for part of your relationship forces you to solve communication barriers that might never be addressed otherwise! There's pros and cons, but seriously, it's possible to make it through!
You might know youtuber Michelle Phan for her makeup and what not, but she also was in a long distance relationship for a long time, and has some advice on how to make it work!! I really love this video, because even though they just met briefly there were able to continue the relationship for 2 years until they met again!! 2 years!!!
They also uploaded this video quite a while after the first one answering more questions about them and their relationship!
I don't know if they're still together now, but I do know that they managed to create an awesome relationship even while living so far away from each other, and that's something that I think can inspire anyone else in this situation :)
LDR has never worked for me but I think that's because the relationship I tried it with was one where we were together all the time, every day and then suddenly (and unexpectedly) we were not. If it had been more expected, or more planned, maybe it would have worked, but we weren't at the right place for it to work at that time.
@alywoah Yeah, I think ultimately you can't be in a LDR together, and like they even mentioned you have to have a certain time you're working towards aka seeing each other! @onesmile Yes, sudden separation would be difficult because you have to have certain realistic expectations of the LDR, and if those aren't established it can be too hard!
It really depends on the two people involved, and how willing are they to make it work. Long distance relationships are definitely hard work, and a part of it working, is to have a plan to eventually be in the same place -- at least I think so. Great story! I wish LDR had worked for me haha.