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Guess what? As if strobing wasn't enough, we have yet another contouring technique making an entry into the makeup world. It's called clown contouring. The name itself may sound foolish but you'll be amazed at the flawless result. This makeup technique was made popular by makeup guru BellaDeLune.
Here's the video that shook the makeup world. In her tutorial "Clown Color Correct Highlight & Contour," Belladelune shows how dramatic clown-style makeup can be blended into a flawless face.
Another makeup guru, Wayne Goss love it so much he even made his own version of the clowning technique. The tricks is to layout out the color according to contouring rule.
Here's another version of clown contouring that resembles a skull by makeupby_alo.
Makeup is like art, where you strategically paint on color correctors, brighteners, and dark contours. Since this makeup is more dramatic than regular contour it's not meant for everyday wear. It's perfect for special events.
This is impressive. I would most definitely FAIL at blending all that makeup on my face.
I hate that people are bashing this...especially males that don't even wear makeup -_-. I only do clear mascara and lip color because all those layers scare me and I would totally forget and wipe it off. This is a great art form and I give props to the people who can pull it off. Someone please teach the people who look like clowns even after blending 馃槵
Awesome! Thanks for posting it. I can't wait to try.
Is this to achieve a special look that contouring won't? Or is it meant to be mainly a skill, taking make-up from this all the way to that? I'm just curious, either way props to these artists!
What do u need to do the clown contouring?
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