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@netchtiBates my debit card has been crying since the year started smh all these events have drained me poor
2 years ago·Reply
I would consider it but they're not coming to New York for this one and couldn't get tickets for the concert tmm @KpopJunkiesTV
2 years ago·Reply
Community54 is based in New York their trying to branch out and expose themselves in new cities and those who can't see BTS for their tours this week and next week they aren't performing in the same cities to give others chances to see them which is good @netchtiBates
2 years ago·Reply
never said it wasn't @KpopJunkiesTV, was just feeling sad that there's two chances and I'm missing both (╥_╥)
2 years ago·Reply
yea I'm missing their Dallas show Saturday. A kpopjunkiestv representative will be going and doing a vlog for me so she will have fun for me I guess @netchiBates
2 years ago·Reply