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All aboard! Adventure time! Its time to take flight with Captain G-Sparrow. Our destination is Jejudo, the best place to enjoy the clear blue water, eat amazing cuisines, and of course spend time with GD and the BIG BANG boys. Whose with me? LMAO!
"Hello ladies! Are you ready?"
Let's meet the crew! Our Co-pilot, Sol, has a smile as bright as the sun. Stewardess Dae Dae will provide you with the best refreshments. T.O.P. is our flight martial on this trip, so no shifty movements please. All of your in flight entertainment will be provided by Seungri, your guaranteed never to have a dull moment! Nothing but the best for our V.I.P.'s!
Take me with yooooouuuuuuuu!!
@JessicaChaney All V.I.P.'s are welcome, don't forget your light stick (^-^)_'¡'
can't I give them hugs a least! ?!