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These boys give me a new meaning to life, please love and care for them
Leader: Rap Monster, the man that will lead his group to greatness
Rapper: Suga, Man that will make a difference, you can be lazy and still do great things in life
Rapper; J-Hope (our hope and happiness) our bundle of joy and happiness, the one that will always make us laugh even if he himself is hurting
Mom; Jin, he is much more than the groups mom and source of food, he is not underrated, he just as valuable to the group as any of the other members maybe even more, he can dance and look better than you while doing it.
Alien; V (Kim TaeTae) our V, pro dubsmasher, none can ever compare to him, unique from top to bottom, has a great sense of humor, another beautiful bundle of joy
Vocal; Jimin, from head to toe he is perfect with or without abs, the one that posts the weirdest photos on Twitter, the one that enjoys showing us what bangtan is really like
Vocal; Jungkook (Golden Maknae) (Jailbait) the one that will put all the noonas in jail cuz he is just to damn cute,
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My love for BTS is hard to explain, they're my mood maker, everytime I watch ANY video of theirs it's makes me smile, I love them unconditionally and always will, they make me happy ❀❀ I love them for who they really are, such charming dorks, whoever will be the lucky future wife is sure is really lucky πŸ€