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Like, why the freak does the LA concert have to be on the day I work?! I have the money, the excitement, the car, the friend that would LOVE to come with me. But I don't have the flippin time. If anyone would like to rant about the injustice of the world, I'm all ears. You can go ahead and comment!!
my dumbass has all of the above except its all sold out or -.- all because idiotic people want to set aside tickets that theyre probably not even going to buy and somebody else (whos not me) will buy -.-
I don't really have any of those things besides the excitement lol I really hope to see them,in concert soon though lol :(
I have the excitement but no money ;-; I wish I could go too
I feel you 💔 @liuser5ever @maddiemoozer one of these days tho, we will be there!!
I learned to late about the ny concert and as a broke student couldn't get any last minute tickets cause they were mad expensive lol