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I would definitely want that person to be Jackson Wang. He is just so honest, impulsive and so adorable that his charm is hard to resist. Plus, he is wild and sexy, that doesn't hurt. ♡♡♡
He just won't let us forget.
I cannot say Jackson is my favorite member of GOT7 because I really love them all equally. However, he is someone I would want to hang out with every day. What idol would you want to be friends with?
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@kpopandkimchi aww.... ♡♡♡♡ *hugs back*
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my idol bff would gav to be jungkook from bts because we a lot in common and he seems to be a fun person to hang out with
3 years ago·Reply
oops I meant have
3 years ago·Reply
I want to marry Jackson lol no seriously
3 years ago·Reply
@MykelHobbs LOL ♡♡♡
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