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Double double
So here's double hot Chanyeol for you! And I just wanna let you guys know that there are 2 admins here lol in case we post conflicting thoughts lol I'm Admin A and my sister is the other admin. She's Admin C! Haha I'll let you guys get to know me better in the next post! ^Admin A^
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OMO! You're too adorable to be true! #theYeolClan alert! @deemonster100 @jiggzy19 @jimberlykemp @shashae5296 @christy @MrsChanyeol @SakuraBlossom96 @poojas @lexielulu411 @liuser5ever Guess you are a Chanyeol fan too?? :)
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@harmonico haha yes I'm a huge Chanyeol fan and he's actually my ultimate bias ^.^ nice to meet you
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@liuser5ever He is also my freaking ultimate bias. haha .
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wooow my lovely chanyoel in every where awesome thanks@harmonico
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