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Hi everyone! ^.^ Admin A here! In case you haven't noticed my ultimate bias is Chanyeol!! I also listen to Got7, BAP, BTS, Big Bang, Infinite, B1A4, and a bunch of other groups lol. I'm usually favoring my bias so I might not post as much of other members but let me know if you want more of someone! I'm still new here so please guide me throughout this app and thank you so much! ^Admin A^ Credit to original owner
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Wanna join #theYeolClan? Found another Chanyeol fan here gals. @deemonster100 @jiggzy19 @jimberlykemp @shashae5296 @christy @MrsChanyeol @SakuraBlossom96 @poojas @lexielulu411
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You should join #theYeolClan! We are all super nice and would love to have you join :)
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@liuser5ever well you came to the right place clearly hahahah there is even a Chanyeol community!!!!!
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@liuser5ever So yea, anytime you want to fangirl about Chanyeol, just call out to #theYeolClan and tag us LOL
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@liuser5ever #theYeolClan is the unofficial Chanyeol fanclub here at Vingle XD
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