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Haha though i've been into kpop for almost 8+ years my mom bearly let me buy merch. So far i only have 3 albums + pics from albums , a yoseob scroll and a gdragon cover. Haha hopefully soon my room will be filled with jhope and bigbang haha.
But anyways look what my friend drew for me when she came over my house!! Jhope!!! I poorly inked it a bit so it could stand out and added details to his hair and eyes. She is soo awesome for this.
im happy~~
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At least you got some stuff, I have not even 3 things and no album lol
@justmeplz1998 *shakes head understandingly*
I feel you. I have no pictures on my wall besides concert light sticks and a super junior pin. 馃槥
I have to make all my stuff or print it out xD
@najalong1998 Omahgawd I used to do that.