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Hi how are you? M.Y.Alpha here.... so I'm newish to this, I speak spanish and english , slowly learning korean. I hope to next year go to seoul, S. korea. FOOD! I draw almost just about anything and everything even though I'm not good... lol XP I have a youtube channel, hope you can subscribe or watch, and it brings you laughter. its about anything and everything. Also it sometimes has KPOP related things since i am a PROUD KPOP FAN!!!!! HAIL KPOP! \OoO/
mmmmmmm kpop! exo, big bang, shinee, 2pm, viix, bts, TVXQ, super junior, etc.
for GD fans.
(me) G-DRAGON!!! OmO omg baaaae baae ! lol
and who these fine people i drew?? lol hint= SuJu
Youtube link to one of my vid. Introduction #2: Let's be friends!!!!!! ? X]
@MYAlpha No prob! Youre really good^^
@kpopkandkimchi. oh I didn't know that but thanks for telling me. :]
@KpopGaby oh cool!
PassTheSuga thanks lol :]
Nice to meeeet you! You should totally post more of your artwork!! Did you know we have a Fan Art community!?
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