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Horizons Team Sees New Pluto Photos for the First Time!
This video may seem kind of lame, but I've watched it so many times. There's nothing particularly interesting about what is shown on the surface level--a bunch of people clapping. We don't even get to see the new images of Pluto that they are cheering about.
But there's something else--something wonderful about seeing people enjoying their passions this fully! They are all so happy to be able to see Pluto and to find that their mission was a success. And that makes me kind of giddy.
Go Team Horizons!! I'm so stoked about the progress the team has made, and can't wait to see what else we will learn! I love you, Pluto!
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You know you've got a room full of insanely passionate people when something as 'surface simple' as looking at a picture can bring them all to a standing ovation. They worked hard for this day!
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@danidee I watched another video of when they were making their first contact with the craft during it's flyby and everytime they confirmed a set of data started downloading successfully they would cheer and clap. This went on for like 20 minutes!! So great to see their hard work payin goff.
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It must be a REALLY exciting time to be a rocket scientist. Or well. A space one?
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