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I know I'm getting a bit carried away with all of my Pluto related cards, but this gif!!! This GIF!!!! I am so excited about this whole project and then this gif just showed up and broke everything inside of me just a little bit.
Pluto, we really do love you!! We spent 9 years trying to get closer to you; sorry we can't stay!!! I felt bad for Pluto when we downgraded it to a dwarf planet, but this gif just gives Pluto emotions, makes me feel happy for it, and then makes me feel really terrible.
The creator of this gif is clearly after a full mental breakdown from everyone who loves Pluto. Congratulations, BennuBird, you have succeeded.
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pluto's gonna get her revnge one day. just wait.
2 years ago·Reply
What’s she going to do @VinMcCarthy? Find a meteor to love? Crawl into a black hole?
2 years ago·Reply
Pluto might be the biggest threat to Earth after Nibiru clobbers us in 2017. Pluto could be pulled into the gravitational pull and clobber us right after Nibiru.
2 years ago·Reply
straight up the biggest threat! none of that Mickey mouse carp! lol
2 years ago·Reply