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Korea’s big three agencies SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment are no doubt at their busiest this year as they dish out artists after artists in terms of comebacks. On May 30th, a netizen posted a thread on Nate Pann titled “Big agencies’ plans are a mess this year,” and writes, “SM, JYP, YG, why are you doing this…?” The post continues to outline the following: SM Entertainment: – Red Velvet debut, “Ice Cream Cake,” and won #1 the first week, but couldn’t win anymore because of EXO’s overlapping promotions – Overlapping EXO, BoA, SHINee – In addition, EXO’s re-comeback before SHINee can win triple crown – Then, Girls’ Generation’s comeback soon (Right now a bunch of evidence are being updated) – Too much overlaps with solos The poster writes, “Normally, the singers should take as much time to fine tune their comeback (For example f(x) – Rum Pum Pum Pum) 이제 솔로까지 하느라고 겹치기가 더더욱 많아짐.” JYP Entertainment: – Taking over a year to comeback after a long time – miss A unable to win #1 on music shows because they overlapped promotions with EXO – J.Y. Park, the CEO himself, overshadowed miss A’s comeback – Recently, they launched ‘SIXTEEN’. I heard it’s no joke. Two people’s bad nature was already revealed (M.Y, D.H) – Tsu Yu (SIXTEEN trainee) is gaining massive popularity through Facebook YG Entertainment: – iKON was scheduled to debut in January and it was postponed – Nothing in the first quarter of the year – Jinusean’s first comeback in a decade overlaps with BIGBANG’s first comeback in three years. – No new news concerning iKON and Pink Punk’s (new girl group) debut – Even though iKON is in the lead to debut, trainee Kim Ji Soo was signed to make a cameo on the drama Producer
Read the article for more...how do you guys feel about all the comebacks???
who is M.Y. ?
I agree that the in company people shouldn't overlap so much, not planning around other company's seems reasonable as they don't have to coordinate with each other.