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So I made these clay pieces about 2 years ago when I had first taken some art classes in college and had some left over clay after a project. I thought "Hey why not make some matokis". After some trail and error I created six awesome B.A.P matokis. My favorite is Shishimato (Yongguk ).
I had first created Tatsmato (Himchan) in my art class and when I got home I decided to make the rest, but this is not the original.
Kekemato (Daehyun) is popular amongst my friends.
Jokomato (Youngjae) was probably the easiest to make.
Dadamato (Jongup) was a simple one too.
Totomato (Zelo) had to be made twice...actually three times. The first one crack so bad I had to remake it. I gave the second one I made to my brother's friend who loves Zelo. This one is the third one I kept for my self.
B.A.P is an amazing group and I'm waiting in anticipation for the day they come back.
I'm praying
Yess girl these are amazing! BAP is my favorite k-pop group, therefore I highly approve this message. x)