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Kpop Community! Show us the level of your obsession! Post a card with screenshots of your phone showing your Kpop obsession. Whether it be excessive pics of your bias or your Playlist that is all kpop I wanna see! here's mine... obviously Kim Hyun Joong is my bias. So he's always on my wallpaper.
My Playlist. Yes, mostly Kpop! BigBang and JYJ mostly. Why no Kim Hyun Joong you ask? He has his own playlist. See the next set. Also have Country and Christian and R&B I have a large variety of tastes. That's why I love KHJ's music. He has done just about every genre and does them all well!
My Sound Cloud Playlist. Of course it's all Kim Hyun Joong!
A sampling of my photos. Mostly Kim Hyun Joong! You can see a few of my dog and my friends and one of my sisters. But yeah... looking at my phone anyone would conclude I'm a little obsessed! how bout yours?
i posted mine!! lol
great idea, I'm gonna love seeing what people have on their phones 👍@AngelJoong86
@zellie15 great! I love it! All of this was inspired by the fact i couldn't post a picture in a comment here on VINGLE! Lol! I wanted to post my wallpaper on my phone so decided to make this card!
awesome! ! ,, I'll post mine before going to sleep!
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