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I have it bad wbu?
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I love this lol.. But yes I do... It's really bad.. Someone calllll the doctorrrr (singing to overdose)
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me too! i was even called ' the greatest Kim Hyun Joong fan" by another fan yesterday! Lol! i am so active in the fandom and have my blog too! I am now president of his USA fc because I started it. I am so obsessed it's my daily life like a second job! it's ok though bc I'm happier than one ever been in my life so I think it's a healthy obsession! my family did try to do an intervention once but left me alone after i created a separate fb for my fangirling! Lol!
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Omg separate fb for my fangirling.. Lol sameeee... But you really! You should get paid for what u do @AngelJoong86
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its horrible. maybe i was born with it, maybe its mabeline.
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