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Okay, so I must be an even bigger nerd than I originally thought, because this fantasy idol group is like all I can think about right now! Huge shout out to @kpopandkimchi for awakening the mega-nerd in me!
At first, I thought I might have rushed my selection process a bit, but as I look back, I realized that I used my gut instinct. And, just the sheer fact that I have a kpop oriented gut-instinct is impressive in itself.
So, enough with my rambling... Allow me to introduce my fantasy idol group~~ AKA the thing I'm most proud of at this exact point in time. AKA srsly the closest thing I'll ever have to a baby.
Leader - 수호 (EXO) Dancer - 현아 (4MINUTE) Main Vocal - 태양 (BIGBANG) Maknae - I.M. (Monsta X) Rapper - 방용국 (B.A.P.) Random - 은지 (APink)
《 My Fearless Leader ♡ 수호 》 - If anyone in this community needs to know any one thing about me, it's that I love 김준면 with my heart and soul. He's not only a bias to me, he's a source of inspiration, happiness, and a pretty fantastic role model. After all the hard work and hardships that EXO has endured since debut, I believe that 수호 has played a major role in what keeps the group going strong. His dedication to his 동생's is unparalleled. I only hope to become half the incredible person/leader/mom that he is. 《 My First ♡ 태양 》 - If you've read my long, and rather depressing, introduction to Korea, you'll know that my very first Korean song was "Wedding Dress" by 태양. Even though his songs remind me of hard times, his voice will always be a source of love and calmness in my life. In my opinion, not many people, in any country, have a voice that can give me goosebumps and move me quite like his. Also, his dancing skills are no joke. If there are any two things I love about kpop, they would be dancing and rapping.
《 My First Lady ♡ 현아 》 - Although I have tried to cure my lady crush on 4MINUTE's 현아, I fear that it may be with me for life. She excels in those two things I love about kpop, dancing and rapping. I remember when I first saw "Bubble Pop!" and "Change" and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She radiates confidence, which adds way more sexiness to her already sexy concept. Also, how stinkin' cute is she? Her laugh and silly faces are what I look forward to the most in variety shows! 《 My Jailbait ♡ I.M. 》 - Every once in awhile, I allow myself to go on a new music binge on YouTube. One of my most recent binges uncovered a new song by one of my all time favorite rappers, MadClown. In this song there were many featuring artists, including what would soon become Monsta X. I.M. leads the way after MadClown's intro, and I couldn't deny I was impressed with his skills. His voice, flow, and confidence reeled me in from the get-go. If there's anything that makes me weak, it's a solid rapper. I did have to calm myself when I saw that birthdate, no jail time for me...Thank you very much!
《 My Motivator ♡ 방용국 》 - If there were any one artist, or any one song, that marked a change in my life, it would be "I Remember" by 방용국 ft. 양요섭. The music video, lyrics, and powerful performances by both 용국 and 요섭 are enough to spark a change in anyone. I definitely knew my life meant more than I was giving it when such a powerful song came to me. It reminded me of hard times, but it also showed me that getting through those times were possible. I found strength in 용국. I couldn't imagine having anyone else as the rapper of my fantasy group. Not only was 방용국 the first rapper in any country that I liked, he opened the door that lead me to incredible world of Korean rap. His voice is low, strong, and powerful. He would make an incredible addition to any group. Although, I would be lying if I said I didn't want more solo stuff from him. 《 My Vitamin ♡ 정은지 》 - I didn't know much about APink nor 정은지 prior to the release of kdrama "Answer Me 1997". As an avid lover of kdrama, "Answer Me 1997" definitely falls in my top 5. For her first lead drama role, 은지 showed that her talent and capability didn't just end at her idol status. Her acting skills, her soulful voice, and amazing spirit are some of the many reasons why I fell for her. Her smile and laugh are so infectious that you can't help but smile and laugh right along with her. Every group needs that little ray of sunshine that helps them get through those little rough patches life throws at you ♡
《 Random Side Note 》 Have you ever came face to face with a ship that you never knew you wanted until you edited a picture of said ship? 'Cause that's exactly what happened to me tonight! While editing the picture of 용국 and 은지 I instantly wanted that ship more than I have ever wanted another ship in my life. Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but for the moment, I am shipping 용지 hard ♡
Thank you for nerding out with me ♡ Please take care of my group ^^
I've been obsessing over fantasy groups too, I keep thinking about how much I'd love smaller collabs too ahhhh
JAILBAIT HAHAHAHAH also I love what you said about Youngguk and Eunji, and your edits are so GOOD!!!!!!
@kpopandkimchi thank you so much! I haven't done edits in years, so I was pretty nervous about these ones, haha. Omoo, my best friend and I were just talking about that! We would definitely like to see more 2-3 person collabs.