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The wedding ceremony may seem like it's all about the bride but in reality every part of the celebration matters. Think about it, if one bridesmaid is not in sync with the style and theme of the party it'll be awkward. Bridesmaids hairstyle should be simple but still elegant enough to match the bridal updo. A chignon is an attractive hairstyle that can make any bridesmaid look stunning. Follow the step-by-step demonstration below. Images from Refinery29.
1. Gather hair from your front hairline and clip it aside.
2. Separate the two side section from the rest of the hair.
3. Pull the rest of the hair back into a bun and clip it in place.
4. Gather the two side sections and clip it to the back.
5. Release the bun and comb if need.
6. Now, carefully release the clip from the hairline section while holding on to the hair. Gently tease it with your comb.
7. Use an elastic and secure this section without ruining the volume.
8. Clip that section to help secure the shape.
9. Twist the rest of the hair.
10. Pin it to place.
11. Gently loosen the left side section for draped style. Use a bobby pin to hold on to the drape.