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I saw this on facebook this morning and it made me laugh. Solar system is now for sale!. Lol. I'm sure a lot of people would have their own worlds now. Haha!
Problems are inevitable. Yeah, it's one of the constant thing in this world. But hey, you can always choose how to respond on problems and stress. Always look on the positive side. You might have a million reasons to cry, give up and lose hope but strive to look just for one reason to hold on and would make you smile. ;) Easier said than done but it's worth - really worth - trying. Spread positive vibes!
I'm all about those positive vibes! Great card, Bianca! :)
@danidee thanks! i just tried to go the extra mile by adding something beyond the funny pic. may you always choose to be positive no matter what. ;)
That's so me. :) I feel like you enjoy life a lot more when you keep things positive.
@danidee so trueee!