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If I want something too much, it never happens. But how can it be, if I do not want it as much as it deserves?
Let's start thinking from the most basic. If I want to sleep, I can not sleep. Whenever I do not want, I can not control my eyes, and fall asleep.
If I want to write, it is impossible; but as it is now (5am), it does not matter what time it is. I want to sleep and do not want to write. Guess what am I doing right now :)
Is not the life same?
We do not want to read books at school. After we finish the school, we read more than we needed at school.
We can extend this for love, work, friendship, money, etc...
But let me say something.
Don't want anything more than the others. Let it go. Eventually, it will come to you.
Think good thoughts.
Do good things.
The good things for you will find you.
a new update about the thing that had happened. After I wrote the comment here, I thought everything is fine now and I started to want that thing more, and again and again a new thing happened and that thing is still thousand miles away from me. Then I gave up, and new good news. Sometimes I think that the universe or the energy is just playing with me. showing me what I want and if I want it, it does not give it to me. I again understood that the life itself is a fucking paradox. We start climbing up the stairs, but when we think that there are a few steps left to reach the top, we realize that we are going down
@OmerTurco I completely agree--but also, sometimes we are going down and we suddenly realize that down IS up!
@greggr thanks.
@OmerTurco Inspirational! Thank you for sharing it!
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