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just keep in mind I only chose a few of the one that were more popular from then and now. so please understand I am not leaving out all groups on purpose. I love kpop in general and just wanted to show the changes in music, dances, beauty standards, makeup and clothing styles of kpop. Please do comment below ure favorite groups from then and now and it can b any group

early 2000s group that really help spread the awareness and love of kpop to the world. ofcourse groups before them plays a big role of inspiration to motivate these groups to make kpop what it is today :)

and the most current groups from the pass few years til now 2015

so to all who loves kpop keep loving it and spread the love for kpop aja FIGHTING! !!!!!!!!!!!

I love TVXQ! They're the first group that got me into Kpop and Jaejoong was my first ever bias!! (
omg same here