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Should I be friends with my ex?

I know it sounds like a very clichéd issue, but there was this girl that I used to date. We were great together, and compatibility was never an issue for us. I felt a deep connection with her, and I guess gradually I did fall for her. But due to not having a future together (parental concerns, crucial point in career, etc), she pushed me away. To be honest, I have always respected her decisions and I did it this time too, but it bothers me that she asked me to stay friends with her so as to not lose me. Its gonna be difficult for me that after knowing what we shared in the past, and even knowing how perfecr we were for each other, things aren't working out for us. Considering all these factors, should I talk to her again? I have not been in touch with her lately, because it really pains me to do so, but should I ignore that and be friends with her?
Agreed @LizArnone
This is always a tricky situation because there are situations from both ends of the spectrum. Some people have successful friendships and others don't. From what you said I agree with @alywoah in the fact that you need time and space to get over her. but there is also a chance that it might just be to hard/awkward to ever be friends and right now its clear you don't want to. Don't feel bad about that. i would explain that to her and then give yourself as much time as you need.
If it hurts to be friends with her right now, give each other space. When my ex and I broke up years ago, it was very hard for me to stay friends with him. After a few years, we were able to reconnect and become good friends. We catch up and talk sometimes. It works because we've both completely moved on. It's totally possible to be friends with an ex -- but I think that most often, you'll need to find yourself and give each other space (and time) first. Do what's best for YOU. Good luck! @AkshatLal
Thanks @alywoah I'm glad there are people out there who understand my situation. And that too, helping a total stranger with your advise is just too kind. :)
Thank you all for your honest insights. To be honest, I think it's gonna be a while before I'm in any shape emotionally to see her again, but I do need to focus and keep myself busy right now. It's a strange thing how an understanding of months and years crumbles like a house of cards in just a few moments. But maybe, that's life. You live and learn. But again, thank you all. Your views and advise has made this situation a little more tolerable. :)
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