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Cool Photographer: Nyvrem Porktoraphy

So, I admittedly have no idea why his photography is called "Porktography," and I'm not sure I want to, but I just stumbled across this guy's Facebook photography page and I really like his work!!!
He's located in Singapore, a place really known for their awesome cosplay skills! I've heard there are places there where you can rent amazing cosplays, but that it's a huge deal to be a really well known cosplayer there! Which is pretty awesome :D
Not only does he take time to take photos at cons, but he clearly enjoys it and also pairs up with cosplayers to take shots on locations like this one, which suits this Love Live Cosplay perfectly!!
There's nothing I love more than seeing a cosplay photographer who really takes the time not just to take beautiful photos, but to take ones that really bring out the characters.
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@shannonl5 Yeh! nothing lifeless or "stilllife" about these
These are all so great! You're totally right, the photographer did a wonderful job collaborating with the cosplayers to bring the characters to life!
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