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Damn cellphone...!
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Done him baxide yes! Buoy too outaada! A come guaan like him betta daa dem!Rush him! (Yes, beat him! He's out of order! Acting like he's better than them)
2 years ago·Reply
but sometimes from being so smart it freezes
2 years ago·Reply
i still usr traditional phones at home, I still mail for rebates, i still use a traditional camcorder, and I still have a big ass alarm clock。 Cell phones are good but thier battery sucks.
2 years ago·Reply
@BleuRayRayHo , U sir , yes u , u have my respect
2 years ago·Reply
@BleuRayRayHo you are an example to live by. I too think that it's smarter to still use everything that existed before smart phones.
2 years ago·Reply