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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AgentLeo !!!!!!!
I hope your birthday is absolutely Leo-tastic \(^-^)/
Thanks for being a part of our community, we love having you as a part of our massive K-Pop family ^^
(I used Leo pics because of your tag... hopefully he is your bias 0.0' )
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@MattK95 @PassTheSuga @PriscilaNunez @jiggzy19 @harmonico @kpopandkimchi @poojas @StephanieDuong @DancingPartyTme @chandnip804 @stevieq seriously guys i hate you for making me almost cry on my birthday! but also thank you all for being born and the chance i have met all of you on here!
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@MattK95 yes he is my ultimate bias thank you i wanna cry tears of joy and give you guys hugs
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@ErinGregory @SashaLove @VixenViVi @PriscilaNunez @PassTheSuga @MattK95 omo...감사합니다 여러분! i am literally so surprised and happy i am part of this fandom
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@AgentLeo now you're gonna make me cry lol
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@AgentLeo I'm tearing up. I love this community. And I'm so glad you're now part of it! :D <3<3
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