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If you don't already know, I absolutely love K-pop fanart! I realized there's also a whole bunch of K-drama fanart out there, and they need to be shared! So I've decided to put together a collection called K-Drama Fanart to collect all my favorite fanart and share them with you guys. Let me know if you'd like to find any specific K-drama fanart for you and make sure to post cards about ones that you find as well (and tag me so I can clip them)! :D
Aren't these absolutely beautiful? Makes me wish I could draw! What's your favorite Lee Jong Suk drama?
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Look forward to more K-drama fanart each week! ^_^
@KaceyDodge If you click on the photos, it will take you directly to their DeviantArt! :) @TaehyungKye I LOVE THAT DRAMA. SO MANY FEEEEELS!!!
@BelencitaGarcia Glad you like em! :) @jannatd93 Ahh, I haven't finished Pinocchio either. So many dramas to catch up on! @StephanieDuong :) I thought some were photos, but they're not lol @KpopGaby You NEED to see I Hear Your Voice and School 2013 when you get a chance! :D
okay! 馃憣馃憤
oh that's great. I'm a native Spanish speaker, but its great that you know some!
@chandnip804 Of course. And I've seen a bit of DS, not fully though. @MinionPeach17 I have one for Kpop Idols as well (https://www.vingle.net/collections/2448948-K-pop-Fanart) I Hear Your Voice and School 2013 are awesome <3 @crakys Yay! Yo tambien ^^
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