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Just a day after I wrote a card about what awesome best friends they are, Tina and Amy proved me right once again. This time they met up with another one of their long-time friends, Jimmy Fallon, for a game of True Confessions on The Tonight Show.
The premise of the game is that each person holds up a card with either a true or false statement on it. The card holder must defend the statement, regardless of accuracy, and the other players decide if it's real or fake. For those fake statements, this game will really test the improv skills of these comedians.
Did Amy really help Yoko Ono cross the street?!
Did Tina really get mistaken for a prostitute in Morocco?!
You'll have to watch to find out...
Tina and Amy were on Jimmy's show to promote their new movie together!!! The trailer for the film Sisters came out yesterday, and like the name implies, it follows the antics of two sisters (played by our favorite bffs). See you ladies in theaters this December.
The preview for Sisters looks... interesting. I don't know how great the premise is, but how bad can it be when it's those two, right?
I loved the video!!!! SO hilarious. I love watching famous funny friends have fun together.
ohhhman. I honestly hope that I make a best friend that funny and then we can be like these two!
@allischaaff yeah, does look a little out there, but agreed, nothing these two do together can be bad, it's just impossible!
that's the dream @nicolejb! Imagine making movies and TV with your best friend all the time and that's YOUR JOB.
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