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It happens to the best of us. That first kiss.

The day is coming to an end and the date went better than you expected it to -- much better, to be exact. He's being the perfect gentleman walking you back home and your destination is in clear view. He stops for a brief second to tell you how much he enjoyed your company and would love to see you again -- you start blushing and immediately agree without hesitation.
The two of you continue walking into the night and he grabs you by the hand -- as your heart is beating with full force he pulls you close and goes in for the kill. You knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time. As he kisses your lips a million thoughts go through your mind, until the only thought left ends up being him. We've all been there and know the feeling of butterflies engulfing your ribcage, it's a good feeling indeed. If you remember your first kiss, these five thoughts should be rather familiar.

Is This Just A Peck?

When it comes to kissing, you never really know what to expect. You just have to enjoy the moment and go with the flow.

I Probably Shouldn't Have Had Tuna For Lunch

As delicious as your sandwich was, if you had known a kiss was in the near future -- you probably would've went for something a little less pungent. It's probably too late to ask for a piece of gum now. If he's feeling you, your breath won't be a deal breaker. You can make up for it next date.

Ouch! I Wish He Didn't Have To Bite My Bottom Lip So Hard

I mean let's be honest, who doesn't love a little lip biting when kissing? It adds a bit of excitement to the moment, that is until they bite your lip too hard. Ugh, is it bleeding?

Oh God, His Teeth Just Knocked Against Mine

Talk about embarrassing and not one of the best feelings, but don't let a minor mishap ruin something amazing.

Should I Grab His Face?

Kissing should be natural. Don't think about it too much. If you want to grab his face, go for it. If you want to wrap your arms around him, go for it. If you want to let him do all the work, that works too.

What's The First Thought That Goes Through Your Mind When Kissing?

@jordanhamilton Ahahaha classic. So many of my friends have horrible first kiss stories lol. But I think what's most important is how you felt at the time :) I'm sure even though you were in a basement, it was magical! :D
I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday ^^ It was a cold winter night under a perfectly starry sky, and I just remember being surprised at how warm his lips were :D
Ahhhhh! That sounded like something out of a romance novel "it was a cold winter night" I remember mine like it was yesterday as well. It's crazy how time flies. Unfortunately, mine wasn't as romantic sounding as yours lol it was in my friends basement @allischaaff
haha, definitely magical!!! and I agree, it's all about how you felt -- not where it took place. you're so positive! I love it :) @allischaaff